The only thing that will be considered is what is in it for the council members. Ala Capote to thrifty markets pay to play fbi fdle facts and no arrest. Also the taxes and fees to this city. The things that will not be considered the enviorment saftey of use by drivers. Every animal that uses that 5 plus acres. Just like every single family home built displaces wildlife. I also think there should be a halt to puds and single family homes until a plan is put in place to help traffic. A simple drive from eldron to malabar at rush hour is now 25 to 30 minutes. This used to be a 10 minute drive. One final thought they the city is running water and sewer behind us not that I would want to hook up to them. I would like it to be a requirement that fire hydrants be required at every street. One reason homeowners insurance is so high is distance to hydrants. A little common sense would be appreciated.

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